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Folding Bikes are great for commuting

Cycling to Work and Back on 1 Charge!

Folding bikes – perfect for the commuter!

I’ll take mine to go… with a little practice, folding this Brompton bike takes only 10 – 20 seconds!

Mr. C’s Cycles has a great selection of folding bikes including this one from Brompton.

To see more, take a ride into our store at 4622 7th Avenue in Brooklyn
or just call us at 718-438-7283.

A good folding bike stays locked together, making an extremely compact package like a small suitcase. The folded package may be picked up without any risk that the bike will unfold – reassuring when running for a train or taxi!

  • There are no projections or loose parts with the folded package
  • Use the frame or saddle as a handle
  • It’s lightweight and easy to manage
  • Small rollers – allow the bike to be pushed into a corner

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