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Felder Rides from Boston to New York City

Braking for  Aids – Boston to New York City September 8-10, 2017

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Now, on his 14th ride, Mr. C’s Cycles own William Felder sets the bar high. He has only taken a year off to care for his sister while she was battling cancer. He found a passion to do his part while working in Harlem and living in Bedford Stuyvesant. William saw to many people afflicted with and dying from this epidemic.
A career social worker, he went on to receive his Master’s Degree, also becoming an AIDS historian. With this foundation, he began to raise awareness in NYC’s hardest hit communities. Working with churches, schools, libraries, and any other neighborhood based groups, to help educate the public; about the epidemic that later was identified as
HIV/AIDS. Hoping his efforts would save lives, he continued to educate himself and anyone he came in contact with.
Newly retired, and a young 70, he concentrates on helping others till this day. Whether it’s at Mr. C’s bike shop in Sunset Park, Brooklyn; where he assist patrons with finding the right bicycle for their needs. Also, as a lay guardian making sure incapacitated persons are not forgotten and cared for properly. While helping others who have faced addiction struggles. But, his biggest goal is to continue riding until there is no longer a need to ride to fight AIDS!

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