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Commuting and Urban Bikes

Breezer-Uptown-EXCommuting and urban bikes (hybrid bicycles) are designed for general purpose utility or commuter cycling on paved and unpaved roads, paths, and trails. Also known under such names as City bike, Cross bike, or Commuter, the hybrid takes design features from both the road bike and mountain bike.
Get ready for everything the city streets can throw at you, day or night, regardless of the weather. Discover what NYC has to offer on a bike!
At left is the Uptown model from Breezer.

Cannondale’s lineup of hybrid and commuter bikes: Cannondale Quick 6 is the perfect commuter bike available at Mr. C’s Cycles.
Check out our Fuji’s gallery for commuter bikes that are great for rolling around town or taking on rougher paths.

Get a perfect blend of speed, comfortable design & performance from Bianchi for your every day riding.

Looking for a “Fixie”? Mr. C’s has a varied selection of single speed bicycles.


Cannondale Bianchi Fuji GT
Specialized Raleigh Trek Schwinn
Breezer SE Bikes


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